Life, 17 settembre 1956, n. 12


Life, 17 settembre 1956, n. 12


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Cover: Two members of a Life diving expedition come up with a passenger's suitcase fron the sunken Andrea Doria
- Letters to the Editors, p. 19
- Speaking of Pictures: hands at a gate of grief, p. 24
- The halting and fitful battle for integration, p. 34
- A look at the World's Week, p. 42
- Suez focus shifts from talks to arms, p. 44
- Divers explore the sunken Doria: Life expedition brings back first details on what is happening to the great liner on the ocean floor. By Kenneth MacLeish, p. 46
- Editorials, p. 52
- In high-powered New Mexico uranium rush a fast-moving prospector gets the jump on his rivals, p. 57
- A muscolar boots for Christian doctrine: famous athletes teach games and the Gospel at their first national convention, p. 67
- Pianist and violinist lead summer symphonic seminar at Marlboro, Vt., p. 73
- The indispensable man: a Suez pilot describes the skills on which the canal's future depends. By Robert Lubar, p. 79
- Paris takes over the American strip tease, p. 99
- A rancher's warddrobe shows how to be well dressed out West, p. 123
- Which diaper is fastest? Airline stewardesses race to determine the quickest mid-air change, p. 129
- A New York hospital works out bold new technique for reparing stabbed hearts, p. 135
- A lethal little lass: "Bad Seed" is a shocking chiller, p. 141
- The National League flag goes up for grabs, p. 151
- An aquaric California cat as a dog-paddler, p. 177
- The Background of Segregation", Part III. Voices of two articles based on the novelist's letter gives new insight into the life which Wolfe jammed into his novels. By Robert Coughian, p. 178
- Chief Justice Warren's Indian junket turns into a joyful triumph, p. 199
- Miscellany: no home for a horse, p. 202

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1956 settembre 17


pp. numerate 202

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