Life, 6 agosto 1956, n. 6



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Cover: In the dawn off Nantucket survivors fron the heavily listing "Andrea Doria" are rowed to safety
- Speaking of Pictures: how to pat a whale, p. 10
- Letters to the Editors, p. 12
- An epic sea rescue: photographs show sinking of "Andrea Doria" and saving of her passengers; Walter Lord describes the hours of fear in this night of terror, p. 18
- Editorials, p. 35
- A look at the World's Week, p. 36
- Stassen stumbles badly in his stop-Nixon move, p. 41
- Cold calamity for cotton: artificial hail measures cotton damage from storms, p. 45
- A sad saucy star: the U.S. gets a look ar Italy's Giulietta Masina, p. 48
- The big stork handout: Alsace furnishes everything free for its featherred friends, p. 53
- A pulpit on the deck: English villege worships on a boat in a fisherman's museum, p. 63
- A lost love and new adventure, by Samuel E. Chamberlain: Part III of "My Confession", a soldier-artist's Mexican War memoirs, p. 64
- Russian bear down for the Olympics: athletes train zealously to improve their already formidable performance. Photographed for Life by Lisa Larsen, p. 91
- Doubles in grace: Giacomo Manzu's classics style makes him one of Italy's best contemporary sculptors, p. 101
- A Shavian centennial is celebrated in Chicago, p. 104
- Waiters give a style tip and woman adopt their Chinese working jackets, p. 106
- Baby Doe and her silver king: a historic American love story is an operatic hit, p. 109
- Nuns in a musical frolic: Notre Dame speech class pokes pleasant fun at convent living, p. 115
- Miscellany: tiers of tattered trolleys, p. 118

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1956 agosto 6


pp. numerate 118

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Sfoglia la rivista "Life" del 6 agosto 1956, n. 6Sfoglia la rivista "Life" del 6 agosto 1956, n. 6 Testo
L'Andrea Doria adagiato su un fianco, p. 26L'Andrea Doria adagiato su un fianco, p. 26 Immagine fissa
Un dettaglio del relitto dell'Andrea Doria, p. 32Un dettaglio del relitto dell'Andrea Doria, p. 32 Immagine fissa
Giulietta Masina, p. 48Giulietta Masina, p. 48 Immagine fissa
Sculture di Giacomo Manzu, p. 101Sculture di Giacomo Manzu, p. 101 Immagine fissa
Giacomo Manzu e le sue sculture, p. 103Giacomo Manzu e le sue sculture, p. 103 Immagine fissa