The Daily Mirror, 16 aprile 1912



Periodico a stampa


A p. 1 (copertina): "Disaster to the Titanic: word's largest liner sink after colliding with an iceberg during her maiden voyage", immagine del Titanic mentre lascia il porto di Southampton
A p. 16 (quarta di copertina): "Wonderful new invention for the ruptured", Elec-Truss appliance society coupon

- Feared loss of 1,600 lives in sinking of the Titanic, p. 3
- Government's wild dream of home rule for all, p. 4
- Liner that cost £ 1,500,000 - Titanic's two miles of walks and beds of roses on board, p. 5
- One touch of nature, p. 7
- The magnificence of the Titanic and some of the well-known passengers on  board the ill-fated vessel, p. 8 - 9
- Of interest to women, p. 10
- Route taken by the Titanic during her first and last voyage, p. 11
- Skin deep. The story of an ugly woman, p. 12
- Stock and shares. Rapid fluctuations in the home railway market, p. 13
- Waiting for news of the Titanic, p. 14

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1912 aprile 16


pp. 16

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